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Sticky Holsters 
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IWB/Pocket for Sub-compacts up to 3.6 barrel BLK AMBI

YAMD4 Show Specs

IWB/Pocket For Glock42-Kimber Micro 9 & Solo-Diamndbck DB9-Sig P938 BK AMBI

YASM5 Show Specs

IWB/Pocket for S&W Bodyguard BLK AMBI

YAMD5 Show Specs

IWB/Pocket For Sig P238/Ruger LCP & Similar 380s up to 2.5 barrel BLK AMBI

YASM2 Show Specs

IWB/Pocket for Medium Glocks/Full Size Autos up to 4.2 barrels BLK AMBI

YALG2 Show Specs

IWB/Pocket for sub-compact med frame dbl stack auto to 3.8 barrel BLK Ambi

YAMD4Gen1 Show Specs

Sticky Holsters MD-4 Modified For Laser Medium Sticky Holster

YAMD4Mod Show Specs

IWB/Pocket for Compact Semi-Autos 3-4 inch barrel BLK Ambi

YALG6S Show Specs

IWB/Pocket for Ruger LC9 w/Laser BLK AMBI

YAMD2 Show Specs

IWB/Pocket for Pocket 380s up to 2.75 barrel w/laser BLK AMBI

YASM3 Show Specs

Sticky Holsters SM-1 Small Sticky Holster Fits Select Micro Handguns up to 2.5" AMBI

YASM1 Show Specs

IWB/Pocket for Walther PPK & similar 3.5-4 inch Barrel BLK AMBI

YAMD3 Show Specs

IWB/Pocket for Full Size Semi-Autos to 5 inch barrel BLK Ambi

YALG6L Show Specs

Sticky Holsters MD-4 Gen 1 Holster Medium Modified for Laser

YAMD4Gen1Mod Show Specs

Sticky Holster Optics Ready 5

YAOR5 Show Specs

IWB/Pocket for full size 1911 pistol to 5 inch Barrel BLK AMBI

YALG1L Show Specs

IWB/Pocket for Walther P22 22LR to 3.42 barrel BLK AMBI

YALG3 Show Specs

IWB/Pocket For Glck42-KmberMicro9 & Solo-DiamndbckDB9-SigP938 W/ACC BK AMBI


Sticky Holster LG-4 Large Sticky Holster IWB/Pocket for large revolvers up to 3" barrels - ambi/black

YALG4 Show Specs

Sticky Holsters LG-6 Short Modified Holster for Laser Large Grey

YALG6SMod Show Specs

IWB/Pocket Small/Medium Autos up to 3.3 Barrel BLK AMBI

YAMD1 Show Specs

Sticky Holsters Belly Band M 32-42"


Sticky Holster LG-6 Long Large Holster for Large/Full Frame Guns with up to 5" Barrel with Laser Black Ambi

YALG6LMod Show Specs

Sticky Holster Optics Ready 7 Modified

YAOR7MOD Show Specs

IWB/Pocket for 1911 pistols up to 4 inch barrel BLK AMBI

YALG1S Show Specs

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