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Hatsan USA 
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Escort VTS Shotgun Magazine 12 ga 10/rd

EKHE1013 Show Specs

Hatsan Optima 1X30 Red Dot Open Reflex Sight

EKHA90529 Show Specs

Escort VTS (fits SDX and BTS series) 410Cal Magazine - 5rd

EKHE1015 Show Specs

Hatsan High Capacity Swingload Airgun Magazine .30 cal 33/rd

EKHA90333 Show Specs

Hatsan Optima Optima 1X22x33 Open Reflex Red Dot 4 reticle, Weaver/ Pic rail mount

EKHA90531 Show Specs

Hatsan Optima AO 3-9x40 Airgun Scope SFP Mil-Dot Reticle Black

EKHA90501 Show Specs

Hatsan Mod 25 .22 Cal Air Pistol

EKHG2522QE Show Specs

Hatsan Jet II Airgun Handgun .22 PCP 700fps Black

EKHG2JET22 Show Specs

Hatsan Apolo Pointed Air Rifle Pellets 22 Cal 18 gr 250/ct

EKE19601 Show Specs

Hatsan Blitz Full Auto Airgun 30 Caliber 2 Mags 730fps Black

EKHGBLITZ30 Show Specs

Hatsan Apolo Destroyer Air Rifle Pellets 22 Cal 28 gr 100/ct

EKE19901 Show Specs

Hatsan Apolo Air Boss Domed Air Rifle Pellets 30 Cal 49 gr 100/ct

EKE30201 Show Specs

Vortex Strike Pellets .22- per 250

EKHA90641 Show Specs

Hatsan AirTact ED Combo - .22 Adv Polymer Stock 4x32 Scope QuietEnergy 1000 fps


Vortex Strike Pellets .25- per 200

EKHA90642 Show Specs

Escort VTS (fits SDX, BTS, and DF) 12GA Magazine - 5rd

EKHE1011 Show Specs

Hatsan Blitz Airgun Rifle Magazine .22 cal 45/rd

EKHA90331 Show Specs

Hatsan TactAir 4 Stage Airgun PCP Hand Pump 4500 PSI with Inline Filter

EKHA91010 Show Specs

Hatsan Apolo Domed Hollow Air Rifle Pellets 177 Cal 8.48 gr 250/ct

EKE19202 Show Specs

Hatsan Apolo Hollow Point Air Rifle Pellets .22 Cal 18 gr 250/ct

EKE19701 Show Specs

Hatsan Blitz Airgun Rifle Magazine .25 cal 41/rd

EKHA90332 Show Specs

Vortex Strike Pellets .177- per 500

EKHA90640 Show Specs

Hatsan TactAir Spark Portable 12 volt PCP Compressor

EKHA91005 Show Specs

Hatsan Jet II Airgun Handgun .25 PCP 611fps Black

EKHG2JET25 Show Specs

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