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Magazine Capacity
Model Series
Muzzleloader Barrel Finish
Muzzleloader Barrel Length
Muzzleloader Barrel Material
Muzzleloader Barrel Twist
Muzzleloader Breech Plug Type
Muzzleloader Caliber
Muzzleloader Capacity
Muzzleloader Hammer
Muzzleloader Ignition
Muzzleloader Length of Pull
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Muzzleloader Primer Type
Muzzleloader Ramrod Type
Muzzleloader Recoil Pad
Muzzleloader Scope Type
Muzzleloader Sight Type
Muzzleloader Sights Type
Muzzleloader Sling Attachments
Muzzleloader Stock Color
Muzzleloader Stock Material
Muzzleloader Stock Type
Muzzleloader Trigger
Muzzleloader Type
Optic Ready
Package Quantity
Ring & Mount Action
Ring & Mount Finish
Ring & Mount Pieces
Ring & Mount Rise
Ring & Mount Type
Stock Material
Stock Size
Threaded Barrel

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CVA Scout .44 Magnum Stainless Rifle Black Synthetic 22" BBL w Scope Mount

CVCR4431S Show Specs

CVA Optima V2 Hillside Camo Muzzleloader 26" Patriot Brown Bbl 50 cal

CVPR6034NM Show Specs

CVA Optima V2 Rockslide Camo Muzzleloader 26" Grey Bbl 50 cal

CVPR6033NM Show Specs

CVA Muzzleloader Cleaning Jag .50 cal

CVAC1462A Show Specs

CVA Muzzleoader Bullet Puller

CVAC1461 Show Specs

CVA Muzzleloader Cleaning Brush .50 cal

CVAC1463A Show Specs

CVA Slick Breech Plug/ Nipple Grease

CVAC1670 Show Specs

CVA Trophy Bullet Starter

CVAC1558 Show Specs

CVA Cascade Rifle .350 Legend 4/rd 22" Threaded Barrel Cerakote/Blued/ Veil Camo

CVCR3907C Show Specs

SCOUT Blued/Black – 350 LEGEND - 20" Barrel w/Rail Base

CVCR4817 Show Specs

CVA Scout Rifle .444 Marlin 25" Barrel Stainless Steel and Black with Brake and Rail Base

CVCR4913S Show Specs

CVA Muzzleloader Breech Plug Pipe Cleaners - 50/ct

CVAC1615 Show Specs

SCOUT™ TD SS/Black – .45-70 - 25" w/Brake & Rail Base

CVCR4806S Show Specs

CVA Straight Line Capper - Range Model

CVAC1407 Show Specs

CVA Rapid Loader - .50 Cal, Green 3pk

CVAC1556A Show Specs

CASCADE Short Action Magazine

CVAC1100 Show Specs

CVA In-Line /Sidelock Combo Nipple Pick

CVAC1582 Show Specs

CVA Cascade SB Rifle .350 Legend 4rd Capacity 18" Barrel Veil Tec Black Camo

CVCR3907R Show Specs

CVA Cleaning Patches 2" Dia. 200/Pack

CVAC1455B Show Specs

CVA Powder Funnel Top

CVAC1385 Show Specs

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