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Muzzleloader Accessories

Quake Industries Claw Rifle Sling - Matte

QU50000 Show Specs

Knight Orange Primer Disc - 100/ct

KGM901107 Show Specs

Thompson Center T17 Black Powder Bore Solvent for Muzzleloaders- 8 oz

TC7488 Show Specs

Thompson Center Number 13 All-Natural Bore Cleaner

TC9041 Show Specs

Thompson Center Muzzleloader Universal T-Handle Loading Tool/ Quick Shot Kit

TC9058 Show Specs

Traditions Muzzleloader Deluxe Tubular Brass Flask with Valve - 2 oz

YLA1201 Show Specs

CVA Slick Breech Plug/ Nipple Grease

CVAC1670 Show Specs

CVA Black Powder Anti-Seize Stick Applicator

CVAC1682 Show Specs

Thompson Center Pillow Ticking Roundball Patches - .45/.50 Cal, 100-pk.

TC7136 Show Specs

CVA Fiberglass Ramrod .45 to .54 Caliber - 36"

CVAC1470 Show Specs

Knight Full Plastic Jacket - 100/Pack

KGM901104 Show Specs

CVA Rapid Loader - .50 Cal, Green 3pk

CVAC1556A Show Specs

Traditions Round Handle Ball Starter for Muzzleloader

YLA1207 Show Specs

CVA Straight Line Capper - Range Model

CVAC1407 Show Specs

CVA Muzzleloader Cleaning Brush .50 cal

CVAC1463A Show Specs

Thompson Center Muzzleloader Bore Brush & Swab Set (10/32 Thread) .50 Cal

TC7484 Show Specs

Traditions Vortek, Pursuit, Yukon Replacement Hammer Extension A1795

YLA1795 Show Specs

CVA Trophy Bullet Starter

CVAC1558 Show Specs

CVA Barrel Blaster Parts Soaker 4 oz.

CVAC1686 Show Specs

Knight Capper Decapper Tool - Full Plastic Jacket

KGM900036 Show Specs

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