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Muzzleloader Handguns

Pietta 1860 Sheriff Muzzle Loader .44 Cal 6rd Capacity 5.5" Barrel Casehardened Frame

ZACSA44 Show Specs

Cimarron 1851 Navy with Oval Trigger guard Revolver

OZCA000 Show Specs

Pietta 1851 Navy Case Hardened Checkered Walnut Grips - .44 cal 5-1/2"

ZAYAS44 Show Specs

PIetta 1851 Sheriff NAVY .44 5-1/2" Case Hardened Steel Muzzleloader Walnut Grips

ZAPF51CH44512 Show Specs

Pietta 1851 Navy Sheriff Percussion RevolverĀ .36 cal 5 1/2" BBL Case Hardened Walnut Grips

ZAPF51CH36512 Show Specs

EMF Pietta 1851 Navy Steel Muzzleloader .36 Cal 7 1/2" Barrel Brown Grips

ZAPF51CH36712BRP Show Specs

Traditions Competitive Starter Gun w/case 209 Metal

YLBP6001 Show Specs

Cimarron 1860 Army Cut For Stock Revolver

OZCA040 Show Specs

Pietta 1851 Navy Percussion Revolover .44 cal 7-1/2" BBL Case Hardened Walnut Grips

ZAPF51CH44712 Show Specs

Pietta 1858 Remington Steel Frame Blued Muzzleloader Pistol with Walnut Grips - .44 cal 8"

ZARGA44 Show Specs

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